KPN Photography was started by Kirsty McCallum in 2016, from her little hometown in central Gippsland, specialising in showcasing the beauty and people of both the Australian Agricultural and Equine Industries.

Kirsty’s love for these industries allows her to capture the beauty, passion and atmosphere with an enthuisastic and creative eye.


  • Photographs and short videos for marketing Agricultural/Equine businesses, big or small. Contact us for a quote today!
  • Photographing horse events or Agricultural shows. Contact us to talk about costs today!
  • KPN Photography photographic prints. Kirsty uses a local printing and framing business who specialises in quality canvas prints, lustre prints and framing your special image to your requirements. Contact us to talk about your requirements and to get a quote! NOTE: WATCH THIS SPACE > READ BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS.


Kirsty is currently trying to sell hers and the dogs beloved ute,”Flash”, and once she has succeeded she will be buying herself a good quality printer that will be able to print up to A2 size images. The joys of having two start up businesses, it means that we must make sacrifices to build our dreams!

When this printer is up and running KPN Photography will have package deals involving prints as well as digital files.

So, know of anyone wanting to buy a 2012 Ford Falcon ute with a few country miles on the clock?

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Kirsty McCallum is a young, introverted but enthusiastic woman with a passion for Kelpies, horses, Agriculture, photography, the environment and her local community.

Brought up in the small town of Glenmaggie, Gippsland, with three older brothers she was often found hiking, camping and skiing in the Alpine National Park or riding horses with her friends.


When the Australian TV series McLeod’s Daughters came to our screens, Kirsty discovered and fell in love with the Australian Kelpie and was influenced in pursuing a career in the Agricultural industry.

However, life threw some curve balls her way in the shape of serious allergies to all things related to Agriculture and horses and having a bad back and knee caused from falling off a horse in her teens which prevented her to seriously chase after her dreams.

Over the years Kirsty taught herself how to use a DSLR camera and used her high school art background to develop her photography skills.

She uses photography to help her depression and to calm her anxieties.

In 2017 Kirsty quit her full-time job as a receptionist for a herd improvement company after she became ill from stress to start up KPN Photography and KPN Dog Training.

She gets great pleasure from capturing natural moments that get her clients excited.


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Why KPN excels​ in Agriculture & Equine photography.

When I go out to a farm or an equestrian event, I’m often asked questions like “Aren’t you bored with this?” Or people say “It would be hard getting a good photo of animals.” They seem surprised when I respond with perhaps too much enthusiasm “I love this! I’m in my element here.” Or when … Continue reading Why KPN excels​ in Agriculture & Equine photography.

How to photograph the Super Blue Blood Moon​!

Interested in how I got the Super, Blue, Blood moon photos? Keep reading to see my process, the equipment and settings I used to get my very first attempt at photographing a lunar eclipse. There’s been a lot of hype on the super blue blood moon (lunar eclipse) which hasn’t been seen in 35 years … Continue reading How to photograph the Super Blue Blood Moon​!

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Get in touch with us to inquire about a photo shoot, prints and to get a quote. Or you can call Kirsty on 0447069210