Animals, people & comfort zones

This last week has seen some cute dogs and cats, KPN’s first head shot shoot and a MASSIVE market made up of lots of talented Gippsland people, which had me completely out of my comfort zone.

For the last few weeks I have been doing some volunteer work for our local animal rescue centre, taking photos of the dogs and cats that have been lost or being put up for adoption. It’s so hard to not end up bringing them all home with me! Last week I met a beautiful natured kelpie. I’m supposed to take photos that will make the public want to adopt the animal but this girl was so gentle and very curious about the camera, I managed to sneak a little arty shot of her as she jumped up to inspect the camera a little closer.


Last Friday also saw us (yes, us) at our first photoshoot doing head shots for an amazing young lady, Megan, who is auditioning to be a dancer. I decided to bring P & N along with me, hoping that Megan was a dog person. Thankfully she was and between the stick chasing and taking photos (with the dogs occasionally photo bombing the shoot) we were all relaxed, resulting in a chilled out, natural photo shoot (despite the fact that we had all the school kids walking past, heading home after school… Sorry Megan, not very well timed!).

Sunday proved to be a little more difficult. I had put my hand up to get some shots of the Gippsland Makers Marker, at Lardner Park. I am a pretty big introvert, socialising with people is not my strongest ability, especially when I am placed in large crowds. I also suffer with anxiety which can be brought on by… anything and nothing. I was feeling a little flat on Sunday morning and was catching up with a fellow photographer and decided (in all my wisdom) to have my first coffee in over a month. I had given up coffee as I had discovered that it heightens my anxiety levels. Well, I was practically pinging off the walls on my drive to Lardner Park (I’m glad it was a solo trip).

By the time I had found a car park (there were a lot of cars trying to get to the car park at the same time) and had walked to where all the action was my anxiety was fairly high and resulted in my first attempt of taking photos in the pavilion as a fail. The pavilion was packed!! It took me about 15 minutes to get from one end to the other. You couldn’t walk any where without knocking shoulders with someone. I couldn’t get a photo without someone unknowingly walking into the shot and my hands were shaking so much that it was difficult keeping the camera steady. So I decided it was best to make a quick exit (which wasn’t so quick after all)  and find something high in protein and fat to eat, to absorb the caffeine (and a cute puppy to pat and take photos of). And what’s better than a really good burger?

Attempt number 2 was much more successful. The burger and the puppy therapy had done their job and by the time I had had my lunch the pavilion had emptied out a little. I managed to have a chat with some of the wonderful stall holders and get some photos for them and the organisers of the Gippsland Makers Market, a group called Support Local. (Check out Support Locals website to find more wonderful Gippsland small business owners at:


So, by the end of the day,  a total of 10,000 people had gone through the pavilion, I had managed to overcome my anxiety (mostly), get some shots of the goings on and meet some very talented people.

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