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So something really cool has come up for KPN Photography. In the last month or so I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Mark Jones Training Stables! I have been attending his weekend clinics with the amazing job of capturing the bond between his clients, horse and rider, and learning his horse training techniques along the way (not that I have a horse to try those techniques out on but it’s still great).

This job came about thanks to a good friend of mine who found a post on Mark’s Facebook page, calling out for a photographer for his clinics. I will be honest, I sent through my Facebook page link and then forgot about it. I wan’t really expecting anything to come from it, especially when there was so much interest. But within a few days I was contacted by Mark’s admin lady, Sacha, and after a good chat I was invited over to Macclesfield to meet Mark. An “informal meeting” she tells me. I thought “Why not, I’ll go and check out Warburton’s Redwood Forest while I’m in the area.” So I headed off early one morning and met up with Sacha while Mark was working. We had another great chat (and found we have some things in common) then I had a chat with Mark and before I knew it I had the job! I’m still not sure what I did right but I’m glad it worked!

So far I’ve attended two clinics and have gotten a great response for KPN Photography, selling photos that I have taken to his clients, either on the day or once I have finished putting all of them up on my own Facebook page. ┬áBeing an introvert and having anxiety I find selling myself rather difficult but its a major factor of running a business. I can’t rely on my photographs doing all of the hard work for me.┬áBut Mark has been great in helping me market KPN and helping me step up and put myself out there.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where this venture can take KPN Photography.

If you’ve got yourself a horse and are looking at improving your skills and/or your horses, check out Mark’s Facebook page here.

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