KPN Photography was started by Kirsty McCallum in 2016, from her little hometown in central Gippsland, specialising in showcasing the beauty and people of both the Australian Agricultural and Equine Industries.

With a background in the agricultural and children’s services industries, Kirsty is a self-taught photographer, showing an interest in photography at 16 years old, and owning her first DSLR at 19, her passion and knowledge for photography grew from there. The name, KPN Photography, deriving from the initials of herself and her two kelpies, Pepsi and Noisy. As someone who has suffered from both depression and anxiety from a young age, Kirsty finds that photography and her two kelpies help keep her mind clear and all her worries are forgotten. Her other passions include everything to do with the outdoors and conserving them, rural communities, mental health and, of course, Kelpies. KPN Photography being a representation of these passions.

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