Mark Jones Training Stables

I had the wonderful experience of following Mark Jones around to his horse training clinics and doing some amazing early morning location photography to help Mark get some marketing material. Check out just a few of the many, many shots I got during this time. Click on image to view large.

Focus Genetics

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of getting some shots for a sheep genetics company, Focus Genetics, at Murnong Farming, Inverleigh, over the last 10 months or so. I’ve loved being able to capture these well-bred rams, ewes and lambs all while learning all about their genetics focus. Their passion for their sheep is certainly infectious and who wouldn’t love spending their day in the paddocks with these gorgeous characters (humans and sheep alike)?  

Business Marketing Photography

Every business needs eye catching photos to grab their clients attention and to make sure they are remembered. KPN Photography has captured such images for the likes of Mark Jones Training Stables and Focus Genetics Australia. KPN Photography takes pride in their work and will do their best to make sure that your visualisations become a reality.


Our farmers don’t just supply us with food. They are carers of our environment, animals and our land. Your passion is my passion. With my background in the Agricultural industry, I am able to get the photographs that showcases your passion and will influence your clients/consumers.      


What girl doesn’t love horses? I was one and never grew out of it. My love for horses allows me to capture the horses’ personality and movements while showcasing their beauty and getting that magic shot that you’re going to love.


You see the same place every day, but have you seen it from an aerial perspective? The drone gives you an eye-catching image that will get everyone’s attention and have them all talking. As always, I look for a different perspective and my Mavic Pro certainly gives me that, one way or another. I look for lines, light and a great view when I have the drone up in the air.

Australian Landscapes

Australia and all of its beauty. From King Island, Tasmania, to Lake Argyle, northern Western Australia. The rugged coastlines, the arid deserts and the green forests. We cover it all.  


Dogs teach humans how to love. They may work livestock for us, they may fetch balls for us or they may just lie beside us all day. All we need to do is look into those eyes and we know that we have a loyal friend.


I was born and bred in Gippsland, mostly in a small town called Glenmaggie. Glenmaggie is a lake that is in the foothills of the Alpine National Park mountain range and is only just over an hour away from the beach. So we are well situated to see some the great beauty that Gippsland has to offer. And I love nothing more than capturing and sharing with you all the amazing locations of this beautiful area.


All fauna that Australia has to offer. I wouldn’t call myself a bird watcher but I do appreciate a good looking bird and the challenge to get a good photograph of it. And not to mention the odd wild dingo or a thorny devil.

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